Application guidance

Grants Programme Overview

  • We only support charities registered with OSCR
  • We support charities providing care and assistance to groups of or concerned with disabled, elderly or terminally ill people, and those who are socially deprived
  • We support charities providing for the care, advancement and rehabilitation of youth
  • We support Universities, Colleges of Further Education and Schools
  • We support charities connected with the Arts – Music, Theatre and the visual arts
  • We prefer to support smaller local charities with an annual income of less that £1m
  • We prefer to support project costs rather than staff salaries or running costs

What We Don’t Normally Support

  • Individuals
  • Projects working outwith the set geographical areas as outlined in our map
  • Other charities with similar aims to the Merchants House (i.e. awarding of grants to other bodies)
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Limited companies which are not registered charities
  • Charities with an income over £1m
  • Churches other than Glasgow Cathedral
  • Capital works
  • Purchase or refurbishment of property

What you need to have ready before applying

  • Full audited accounts or independently examined accounts
  • A recent bank statement (within the previous three months of applying)
  • An independent referee if you are a newly registered charity

I want to apply, and my charity meets your criteria.  What do I do now?

  • Our closing date for all application this year is Tuesday 4 June 2024 when shortlisting for consideration will take place.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications after this date
  • If you wish to apply, you can do so online
  • Once you apply, you will receive confirmation by email that your application has been received
  • If we are interested in supporting your charity, we may contact you to arrange for a Merchants House Director to make a visit or telephone you sometime between August and October to gather more information
  • A final decision will be made in November and grants awards will be made soon after

The Directors of the Merchants House reserve the right to decline any application for assistance without specifying any reason.  The Directors’ decision on this is final.

* Restricted Funds

  • Dr James Black’s Trust – to support retired domestic servants, but this might be interpreted to include voluntary carers who are often unpaid. Organisations (not individuals) supporting unpaid carers might wish to consider how this Trust might support their activities.
  • Ure Elder Trust Fund – an element of this fund continues to provide awards to organisations in the Govan area of Glasgow.
  • Underwood Fund – part of this Fund, which is to be disbursed over the next 5 years, is only for organisations based in (or working in) the Paisley area.