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An action shot from the Good Morning Service

The Good morning Service, they sent us an image of their ‘action shot’ and explained that as a telephone-based service, they have little opportunity for action shots. They were, however, able to include some of their favorite quotes and explain how they support our community.

“This grant award from Merchants House is very warmly appreciated. We currently support over 400 people each year and this award means that the people who are on our waiting list can be supported with our Good Morning Calls”

Quote from Alex, 83 years – “I’m safer because GMS is a good insurance policy who send help – like, they did for me before. They’re very informative keeping me up to date with Covid guidelines so I know what I can do. I love the banter! They’ve been a ray of sunshine during this crisis.”

Quote from another client, 74 “Many nights I’ve prayed not to wake up and thought that no-one would care – but having my calls has changed that. Now I get encouragement and motivation to keep going.”

Quote from Hugh, 60 “After all my injuries I felt useless but Good Morning helped me through this and helps me live independently. The befrienders made sure I didn’t give up hope when I was feeling down. They listen to my problems, likes, and dislikes because they care.”

As a life-saving and life-enhancing service 365 days of the year, together we will make 4 direct differences to people’s lives:

Safer Older people are safer – and felt safer. Potential health problems are alerted to when someone fails to answer our Good Morning Call and we alert their emergency contact person or the police.
Valued Older people are, and feel, valued because we built trusting relationships with members, got to know them very well – they consider Good Morning staff to be their good friends (some even call us their family).
Connected Older people are, and feel, connected to the Good Morning Community, and in turn to their wider community. Local communities are strengthened.
Well Older people’s mental health is improved and/or maintained which has a positive impact on physical health.