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Epilepsy Scotland Youth Work

Epilepsy Scotland receive £3,500 grant from the Merchants House to support youth work in Glasgow


Epilepsy can be tough on young people, their family, and carers too. Epilepsy Scotland’s youth work provides a safe space for young people to meet others who have epilepsy, helping them to feel less alone and proven to improve their overall wellbeing.

A representative said “A heartfelt thanks to The Merchants House of Glasgow from Epilepsy Scotland. Without vital funding from local organisations like the Merchants House of Glasgow, Epilepsy Scotland would not be able provide activities, adventure weekends, one to one, peer led and group support for young people coping with the multitudes of difficulties that a diagnosis of epilepsy can bring.”

Epilepsy Scotland at Dalguise – © Julie Broadfoot

“When all other friends deserted her, the youth group and workers made her feel part of a friendship group and for that I am extremely grateful.” A parent

Support from Epilepsy Scotland can be life changing. Last year 84% of young people reported that at the end of their residential, their confidence was improved. 100% of parents or carers said Epilepsy Scotland helped them as a family a lot and 100% said the youth group make them feel more positive.

Find out more about Epilepsy Scotland’s youth work by watching this video

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