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Geeza Break

This award will enable us to support disadvantaged children to improve their activity levels, improve their confidence and improve their social skills. The TOFFEE Club provides respite for young disadvantaged children experiencing crisis family situations, chaotic lifestyles often due to their parent’s addictions or who care for a parent/guardian who may have mental health issues, a disability or misuse drugs and/or alcohol. The organisation recognises the effect that these kind of situations have on young children from being isolated from their friends to not having much time for leisure activities. To support these young children Geeza Break offers the TOFFEE CLUB which is a centre based resource predominantly offering play activities as an escape during the school holiday period and allowing the children to be children and enabling interaction with other children. Geeza Break is confident that our play provision fosters children’s independence and self-esteem as well as developing children’s respect for others.

Our play provision also supports the children’s well-being, healthy growth and development and increases knowledge and understanding and promotes creativity and the capacity to learn. The children play and learn through activities such as gym, football, dancing, dressing up, arts and crafts, baking, playing pool, board games and Wii games such as tennis and bowling. The children also have quiet areas where they read books, learn puzzles, word searches and various educational activities. Educational day trips are also organised