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It is Time for and Update

It is time to update the Dean’s Blog and for me, it is easy to write about what I have been doing this week:-

  • Once a year the Lord Dean updates all his predecessors on the activities of the House. Usually, this is done over lunch, but Monday saw this being done virtually for the first time ever
  • Final approval was given to a letter to all members inviting them to support the House financially on a regular basis
  • We have had good news on Coronavirus vaccines but I took the view that the Annual Dinner (which had been scheduled for 18th February) was unlikely to go ahead in its usual format. I contacted the office of our principal speaker Professor Jason Leitch and the dinner has been rescheduled for 7th May.
  • The work of the House is carried out by a number of committees but the Directors meet formally once a quarter to discuss a range of issues and the meeting was held on Tuesday
  • I had discussions about the Valedictory Dinner. Two dates in May had been given to a special guest who had indicated they may attend and this issue was progressed – the likely date is now 6th May
  • I had a virtual meeting with the Vice Dean, our General Manager and our Events Manager about our proposed E-newsletter and also our Annual Report
  • I gave final approval for the Merchants House Christmas card
  • I worked on the list of recipients of the Christmas card
  • Final arrangements were made for the “Mulled Wine” Christmas concert, which will be held (virtually) on 15th December
  • I attended the (virtual) AGM of Glasgow’s Golden Generation
  • In my role as ex-officio trustee, I attended the meeting of the Association for the Relief of Infirmity in the West of Scotland
  • I emailed some well-known figures in Glasgow to ask if they would provide a short video that we could put on social media on the historic connections between their organisation and the Merchants House. The Lord Provost and the Minister at Glasgow Cathedral came back immediately to say they would be happy to do so.
  • With the Vice Dean, I had a virtual meeting with the General Manager and the Events Manager to ensure that we would know what to do in the event of a prolonged absence from work by either or both
  • I attended and gave the vote of thanks at the “Drinks before Dinner” event with Dr Bridget McConnell, a speaker secured by Vice Dean May Storrie who I asked to chair the event