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Life on the ocean waves: Sailing trips with Ocean Youth Trust

In 2022 grant funding of £10,000 from the Merchants House enabled Ocean Youth Trust to provide transformative sail training experiences to 20 young people.

Focused on welcoming those at risk of social exclusion, isolation and deprivation, the sailing trips provided valuable skills and attributes that can be transferred to other areas of life. 

Where traditional education settings are focused primarily on theoretical problems, the nature of sail training provides a sense of immediacy where tasks have a clear purpose and impact. For the young people, this helped highlight their value – both individually and as part of a larger team. 

To acknowledge the significant fortitude, determination and adaptability required for a sail training voyage, young people have the opportunity to earn a range of accredited qualifications which formally recognise their accomplishments. 

The Group Leader of one trip said it “gave the kids a purpose, responsibility and encouraged them to take ownership of the work they had to carry out. It truly did make them feel valued and respected as an equal member of the team.”

One of the young people said “This is the only place that I feel safe and nothing from the real world can get to me. It was so nice to be at peace and getting to talk to people my age and getting to be with other people at dinner. Thank you.”


Find out more about our grants on our website. If you would like to support us in making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged people across Glasgow and the West of Scotland, why not consider leaving a legacy?