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Scottish Music Centre

Scottish Music Centre receives £3,000 grant to enable their Musicares project to continue at Govan High Inclusion Base

Musicares is the first national music mentoring project designed for care experienced young people in Scotland. It uses music as a therapeutic tool to raise the confidence and wellbeing of participants. This funding will enable them to continue their work at the Govan High Inclusion Base, which caters for young people with social and emotional needs. The base encourages young people to re-engage with mainstream education. The sessions here were due to finish at the end of 2023, but this funding will enable them to continue through 2024, demonstrating the positive impact of our work.

Project Manager Sace Lockhart said “Thank you so much! This is great news for us and also great timing as we have just finished our group sessions in Govan so this means we can continue!”

Stephen Ogston, Head Teacher Govan High Inclusion Base, explained the significance of the programme: “One of the young people who worked with the tutors achieved an A in National 5 Music which is the highest level of grade achieved by a young person placed here since the provision opened. The work of Musicares definitely played a significant role in this. It’s really good to know that this work can continue – in Govan and everywhere else.”


The sessions are run by two tutors along with support staff with an emphasis on fun and enjoyable activities. Musicares offers a flexible approach to learning that is led by the young people, there are no formal tests as such and therefore no ‘failing’. The work is based around building relationships and offering young people an opportunity to express themselves. The Musicares project consistently manages to enable communication with young people where traditional services have not, young people feel valued and trusted enough to explore feelings and emotions that may otherwise be suppressed.

Musicares works in partnership with local community training facility and radio station Sunny Govan. This gives young people the opportunity to re engage with their community as well as learn additional technical skills in music recording/production and programming. As well as the benefit of raising skills it offers the opportunity to see a creative working environment that broadens horizons, provides aspiration and the chance to socialise with others in the community.

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