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The Croft Visitors Centre

The Croft Visitors Centre receives £5,000 funding from the Merchants House to support families visiting HMP Barlinnie


The grant will help those visiting to reduce their anxiety and allow them to feel good at this difficult time in their lives. They aim to support families in the prison and the community to access a programme of social activities they may otherwise be unable to due to the financial impact they face, especially during this on-going Cost of Living Crisis.

Margaret Muir, Manager, said “Many thanks for the award of £5,000 to the Croft Visitors Centre. We are absolutely delighted to be able to support our families health & wellbeing with this award.”

In 2011, St. Enoch’s, Hogganfield church and other local churches and organisations came together due to their concern about the welfare of prisoners’ families in HMP Barlinnie, Glasgow. HMP Barlinnie is the largest prison in Scotland but had no Visitors’ Centre. The group was aware that a wide range of people visit Barlinnie, with a variety of potential needs and requirements, including visitors of all ages and those travelling from across Scotland and beyond. In 2012, the Croft was set up as a Visitors’ Centre for HMP Barlinnie.

Croft staff welcome visitors and support them to have a better visit, using an assertive outreach approach. This includes giving people information about visit procedures, how to claim travel expenses and additional support that is available. Croft staff speak with a range of people at HMP Barlinnie, partners and parents of prisoners and also friends, siblings and other relatives.

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